Here’s Why No One is Watching Your Video According To Video Production Companies in Austin

You’ve now produced a video masterpiece, but why is no one watching it? Were you not able to satisfy your viewers? Was there a miscalculation on the number of props and special effects you used in your video? Did your viewers find it boring? Those could be some of the many reasons why your video failed to live up to its purpose. Moreover, there are more common reasons why a video is not performing well according to video production companies in Austin.


Discussed below are the most common reasons to take note of:


Unclear video titles and descriptions can hurt your video regardless of its quality. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with trying to pique people’s curiosity, but utilizing misleading headlines in pursuit of views is a different story. Clickbait, when done appropriately, can help your video content gain more traction. However, many marketers are simply using clickbait as a tool to mislead or fool people to watch a video that offers nothing but disappointing content.


Another reason no one is watching your video is that it does not provide any value to your viewers. There’s a fine line between establishing an emotional connection with your viewers and persuading them to take action and purchase your product after watching your video. There should always be a balance between both intentions. Avoid producing a video that doesn’t answer the viewers’ “whats” and “whys”. What’s in it for them? Why should they purchase your product? “Buy-me” ads no longer work best in the current course of things – consumer behaviors have greatly changed and evolved in recent years.


Whether or not you agree, one major reason people are not watching your videos is you are not promoting them well. Just like any other type of marketing content, videos need to be promoted on the right means, platform, and audience. Always remember that there’s a lot of competition online and posting a high-quality video without implementing basic advertising methods will definitely not help you gain views.


To ensure that you’ll be able to get the best possible results for your videos, working with experts from video production companies in Austin would be a good starting point. Get in touch with Brandefy today.


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