Generating Ideas For Your Kickstarter Video Production Project

So you’ve decided on starting another powerful Kickstarter video production project for your newly released products. Let’s take a look at a few tips for “best practices.”?

Think now, polish later 

Most of the time, we slow down our idea generation process by forcing ourselves to roll out great ideas on our first try. In addition to being unrealistic, this puts more pressure on us to always be creative by demanding ideas on the spot—hindering the process even further. To counter this cycle, we have to come to terms with ourselves that in the beginning, no idea will ever be the best version of itself. During this stage, it’s best to dump a multitude of just “okay” ideas as a starting point. This doesn’t mean that you’re settling for less, it just relieves some of the unnecessary expectations that are dragging you down. Take a break, come back to your list, and see if any of them are worth polishing and pursuing. If not, use it as motivation to freely add more ideas. Repeat the process until an idea stands out. You can even ask your team for their input.

Hold on to your product. Why does it need to be made? How is it going to affect your potential consumers? What’s your value proposition? Answer these questions creatively and you may land on your next video idea.

Actively seek out inspiration 

Don’t sit there waiting for your eureka moment when you know it’s not likely to strike. Instead, actively search for ideas out in the open. Think outside of the box. Are there any non-conventional but more effective solutions you can offer your clients? Analyze relationships from a different perspective. Bridge two completely unrelated industries together and see if that sparks any new concepts. Focus on current trends and why they’re successful. Rephrase your questions and challenge existing systems.

Look back at your company’s vision and mission and draw out inspiration from your goals. Take the leap and branch out from there. You might discover something when you’re browsing the Internet for video marketing tips, techniques on perfecting your thumbnails, generating leads and converting them, etc.

Take note 

On the other hand, you might also generate ideas during your downtime. In that case, you should always be ready to note it down—on your phone or on a little notebook. Kickstarter video production ideas may catch you off-guard so it’s best to be prepared for it.

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