Five Kickstarter Video Tips That You Should Know

If you are planning to stage a crowdsourcing campaign, then you should consider creating a compelling Kickstarter video to start and boost the activity. In this article, we present you with five Kickstarter video tips that you should know before producing your video marketing content:

  • Show Yourself: Through your video content, you should be able to show your audience what kind of person you are, aside from showing them the type of business person that you are. So, let them see your passion, excite them with your story, and impress them with your visions and goals. Your goal is to establish trust with your clients, and you can do this by forging personal connections with them.
  • Keep Things Short and Simple: Most people these days have very short attention spans, with an average of eight to ten seconds. Thus, the first few seconds into your video are crucial. It will dictate whether your viewers will find your video interesting enough to sit through it or see it as boring and skip through it instead. Hook and convince them that your video is worth their time and money.
  • Place the Essentials: Kickstarter videos should have the following essential ingredients. First, introduce yourself and the story behind your project. Ask for their support, and tell them why you need it. Explain what will happen to their money and talk about the possible rewards that they can get in exchange for their support. Tell them what a loss it would be if you did not achieve your goal. Lastly, end your video by thanking everyone.
  • Keep It Legal: Never forget about Copyright laws. Make sure that your Kickstarter video does not violate it by placing copyrighted content such as logos, images, music, and other videos. To get around this safely, you can access and make use of available royalty-free content online. 
  • Close the Sale: As you end your video, you should cap it off with a well-thought-out call to action statement (CTA). Invite your viewers to click the button so they can support and realize your future business endeavors.

Using a well-produced Kickstarter video will surely jumpstart and boost your crowdsourcing campaign. Here at Brandefy, we take to heart the above mentioned Kickstarter video tips to ensure that we provide you with affordable and high-quality video marketing content for your business.

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