FEMINIST MARKETING: 3 Successful Marketing Videos That Used Feminism to Drive Their Message Home

The title alone already sounds iffy, but we assure you it’s not what you think.

Our generation of free speech, social media, and viral videos has given voice to a lot of previously overlooked social groups. Before Facebook and Twitter, one way to really drive your message was to organize a protest or pin flyers everywhere.

Now, all it really takes is some decent web video production, a bit of marketing strategy, a worthwhile message, and voila – you have a movement.



Feminism is a topic that has one of the strongest voices right now, and it branches off into a whole hodgepodge of political statements and societal problems that can be really tricky to poke at. There’s backlash from every side, and statements about such topics either garner appreciation or are torn apart from every angle.

That’s the problem with words, really. Without actually hearing them, you’re bound to have miscommunication and misunderstanding in every sentence.

These 3 marketing videos, on the other hand, managed to navigate that particularly tricky landscape to produce quality content that all video marketers could learn from.



American Greetings took something practically everyone could relate to regardless of gender; the unconditional love and sacrifice of a mother. It’s put together in a way that the viewer’s reaction is bound to mirror the “interviewees” in the video, because it’s raw, unscripted, and real.


Relatable. Use something at least 95% – 100% of your audience can relate to. Human emotions, experiences, interactions, and social groups are a good way to get started.

Raw. Unscripted web video production has its own charm. It has a sense of being relatable, since the “actors” react in ways that are totally uncanned, unprepared for, and – most importantly – real.



Commercial production for feminine hygiene products without following a well-used, well-worn script is tough. Since the number-one concern for most women when it comes to feminine hygiene products is to make sure it all looks business as usual, commercials for such are usually a rinse-repeat of how comfortable this is, how unnoticeable that is, and how this can make you feel fresh and free, all day, every day.

So when Always came out with their #LikeAGirl campaign, the internet went nuts. It featured different people of different ages being asked this one question:

“What does it mean to do this as a girl?”

The answers were astoundingly different. It’s empowering – in every sense of the word.


Self-reflection. If you manage to get your viewers to pause and reflect on something they take for granted, you’ll really be leaving an impact. Sometimes people like mindless comedy, and sometimes they appreciate something that’ll make them think.

Take a stand. If you can show people how your brand or platform can make a significant difference, they’re more statistically inclined to choose you.



Poo-pourri managed to take one annoyingly sexist portrayal of women in movies – namely they’re clean-cut, forever pristine, absolutely flawless aspect – and spin it into a commercial that’s so funny, it’s downright charming. It features a picture-perfect woman; blue dress, pearls, elegant hair-do, British accent. And she spends the whole commercial seated on a toilet.

It drove one hell of a message home.


Humor. Everyone likes anything that makes them laugh. Bonus points if it’s borderline satire – a good chunk of the audience can appreciate some well-written sarcasm from time to time.

Assurance. They have an “Unconditional Stink-Free Guarantee”, which invites unsatisfied customers to send it back for a full refund. Generally speaking, people feel safer knowing they can test out a product before sinking money into it.