Explainer Videos

What are explainer videos?  If you have a business that you would like to market online then the term explainer videos should be in your vocabulary. These videos are short informational videos that combine visual and audio information usually in a short segment of video.

You have probably seen them numerous times but did not realize these short informative videos had a specific name. Explainer videos are typically a part of a bigger work. They can easily be embedded into emails, websites and other online platforms.

They are usually about 2-3 minutes long and right to the point. They are kept short because they are usually only delivering one message to the viewer and the short nature of the video insures that they are seen by the user. It is easier to hold someone’s attention for a short period of time.

Brandefy and Explainer Videos

Brandefy can help your company market itself online where you potentially could get hundreds of leads every single day. Online advertising can easily reach more people around the globe than any other media.

Savvy business owners have made their fortunes by using valuable online marketing tools like explainer videos. Reaching a specific audience that can become potential clients or customers is a lot easier online than it is in other media outlets.

Getting your explainer videos to the proper audience is easy when you are targeting a group via the internet. When you put up a television commercial on your local television station you really can not control who your audience is and unless your services are specific to the local area than using the internet to reach a targeted audience is a lot more productive.

These short explainer videos from Brandefy can easily get your message to the people that are most likely to want or need your services or products. It is a quick way to gather more leads and to get your message out.

Affordable Marketing Tool

Explainer videos are affordable marketing tools that can easily accomplish your marketing goals. Using the internet to get the word out about your products or services will get you more bang for your marketing buck. Just about everyone in the States either has a computer or access to a device that will get them online. The time is now to take advantage of what explainer videos can do to build your company’s revenue.