Explainer Video Production: The Different Types of Video No One is Telling You About

Explainer video production is an excellent way for you to engage with potential customers. They get to familiarize themselves with your business and its products and services. These videos have a duration of 60 to 90 seconds, so it takes great skill to encapsulate everything within such a short period. Therefore, you have to consider a lot of factors first before producing one.

Explainer videos are mainly divided into four categories: live-action, graphics animation, whiteboard, and screencast. Generally, for businesses that sell physical products, it would best to use live-action when showcasing off the features and value proposition of your products. If your business is software-based, then opt to show the software you are applying through a screencast.

To correctly pick the right explainer video for your business, let us discuss these types further.

#1 Live-Action

In this type of explainer video, you show people in it. With the camera quality of most smartphones nowadays, you can shoot a live-action explainer video with them. For stability, use a tripod. Also, record your video horizontally and use natural light. When recording a voice-over, find a quiet room, place your phone on a flat surface, and cover your head and phone with a thick blanket to muffle any sounds around you and reduce echo. Then, put everything together using any available editing software.

 #2 Graphic Animation

This one can become quite a bit of a challenge to create unless you are already an expert in graphic animation. Despite that, graphic animation is one of the most popular types of explainer videos. Thankfully, the internet provides various websites that allow you to quickly drag and drop pre-fabricated scenes and characters to create your videos. Many of these websites offer free trials, so you can check them out if you are interested in using animation for your videos.

#3 Whiteboard

Creating whiteboard types of explainer videos assume that you are a talented artist. With this, you will be recording yourself while drawing on a whiteboard. Plan all of your shots and draw them one by one while recording. It would be best if you applied the time-lapse function on your phone. If your phone does not offer that, then you can edit the video and use the time-lapse effect afterward. You may also place voice-over and text onscreen.

 #4 Screencast

In explainer video production, screencasting is a simple way to create these types of videos. You just run software on your computer and it records your computer screen while you are using it and narrating over it. Screencasts allow you to show the actual software and how it works. You can opt to record your voice while explaining how you navigate the software or record a separate audio track to accompany the screencast you recorded. You can also place text onscreen for further impact.

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