Explainer Video Production: 3 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Creating an Explainer Video

Despite the ever-changing digital marketing climate, the power of videos still remains unrivaled. Across all industries, videos are considered to be a vital aspect that provides a huge contribution on top of every business’s digital marketing strategy. This is one of the biggest reasons why video production professionals continue to produce video content that resonates well with various audiences.

In terms of effective video creation, a lot of marketers have utilized the essential benefits of explainer videos. This highly informative type of video format has the ability to promote brands in a straightforward manner.

While many people are using explainer videos to their advantage, some businesses don’t exactly know where explainer videos fit into their marketing strategy. Due to this lack of awareness, some marketers commit unwanted mistakes when using explainer videos to promote their respective brands.

In this article, we will discuss these common mistakes in order for you to avoid doing them when producing an explainer video for your business:

#1 Mistargeting Your Audience 

First and foremost, knowing who you are sending your message to is the very foundation of an effective marketing video. Some marketers tend to forget who their target audience is, which eventually leads to poor marketing.

In order for explainer videos to work, you have to limit your attention to your potential customers. By doing so, you will be able to craft your message in a way that will capture your target audience’s interest.

#2 Making The Video Overly Informative and Salesy

The secret to an effective explainer video lies in three simple words: KEEP IT SHORT. Explainer videos are meant to provide people with a general overview of a specific product.

It is very important to keep in mind that when people are watching an explainer video, they should never feel that they are being sold an item. This should be the last thing that you should focus on when creating an explainer video for your business.

#3 Sounding Extra Serious

The most effective videos are the ones that are emotionally-captivating. Taking your business seriously doesn’t mean you can’t inject fun and entertainment into your videos. Although being funny doesn’t work on everyone, making your explainer videos too serious can make it monotonous either.

Therefore, finding a good balance where fun and seriousness can coexist is the best way to connect with your audience through your videos.

Above all, if you think you need more help when it comes to producing an explainer video that can represent your brand or product, working with a video production company may be a good option to consider.

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