Elements of Great Video Content according to Production Companies in LA

Video marketing is an essential tool to up your marketing game. Thus, creating compelling video content for your business marketing campaigns is one of the ultimate goals of production companies in LA. So, in this article, we will discuss the characteristics of great and successful video content that you should know and incorporate into your campaigns.

  1. It should be informative. Aside from entertainment, video content should also educate viewers. Through your advertisements, you can inform your target audience about your products and services (e.g. how-to videos, tutorials, product reviews, etc.). You can also tell them about the story behind your company and the people working behind it (e.g. interviews, behind-the-scenes, events coverage, etc.). Through these, you forge personal relationships with your customers and build trust.
  2. It should be entertaining. Because people spend time online watching videos for entertainment, why not also incorporate that aspect into your ads? Create advertisements and video content that not only promotes your products and services but also provides some form of entertainment for your target audience.
  3. It should be visually appealing. Create video content that is pleasing to the eyes. Some video formats and styles that appeal best to viewers are animations, time-lapses, stop motions, cinemagraph, slideshow, and video scribing.
  4. It should be engaging. The best ads are those that immediately grab their viewers’ attention and maintain their interest throughout the video. Your video content must load fast and should have clear resolutions. It will also help if they are annotated or enhanced with subtitles. You must also avoid giving misleading titles and thumbnails or images. They may generate more clicks, but they will also increase bounce rates and decrease customer trust and patronage.
  5. It should be inspiring. People like to share video content with their close friends and loved ones on social media, especially those that moved and inspired them. Thus, you must optimize your video content to ensure that it gets maximum exposure to your target audience. With video content using powerful scenes and imagery, you can immerse your audience and drive certain emotions and reactions out of them. If you can excite them about your offerings, then you can increase your chances of making sales.

The better you are at integrating these characteristics into your video marketing campaigns, the better your chances of boosting and realizing your business goals. Production companies in LA like Brandefy will help you create compelling video content!

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