Elements Of Explainer Video Production Costs

One of the most effective types of video marketing that has gained popularity over the years is the explainer video. These are short videos that ‘explain’ your brand’s product or service. There are three popular variants, live-action, animation, and whiteboard. Many brands benefit from explainer videos as their marketing strategy for various business goals, such as boosting brand awareness. Looking to make use of an explainer video for your brand? Here are the elements that make up explainer video production costs to help you get started.


Customized explainer videos help your brand stand out since they will be tailored to your goals, values, and identity. However, it is important to remember that custom-made explainer videos start from scratch. They will require extensive time, work, and experience from explainer video production agencies that you have partnered with, therefore making customized videos more costly than generic ones.


Essentially, you’d want to produce high-quality videos for your video marketing strategies. The higher the quality of your explainer video, the higher its costs. To ensure that you will have high-quality explainer videos by the end of the production process, look to video production companies with excellent explainer video portfolios. Los Angeles-based Brandefy is one such example.


The best explainer videos always go through several revisions. Unfortunately, you can’t simply request video production companies for numerous revisions since this will cost you more. Although, there may be agencies that provide fully customizable production processes, which means that you can request as many revisions as you like. That said, it’s best to stick to as few revisions as possible. In fact, to avoid countless revisions, make sure that you have a clear storyline and that you have partnered with expert video production companies.


The longer the video, the higher the cost. Explainer videos are usually one to two minutes long. The length is actually the first thing that your video agency partner will ask you. This will help them budget the work and time for the whole project. Included here are the number of animators, concept, storyboarding process, schedules, and more.


An explainer video usually takes 6 to 8 weeks to finish. If you want to speed up the process, it will likely impact the overall cost. This is so the video production company can accommodate increased production efforts to meet the earlier deadline while maintaining high-quality standards.

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