Elements of an Effective Video Marketing Strategy From Video Production Companies

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought drastic changes to almost everything in the world. No longer do we have the freedom to go about anywhere at any time or the ease of having face-to-face interaction with our families and friends. We do things now mostly virtually — we hold meetings, presentations, and classes online and find ourselves limited to the confines of our gadgets and devices. Even video production companies are not exempt from this “new normal.”

Most companies nowadays have acknowledged this change, giving them a new perspective on their marketing strategies. The pandemic has brought the spotlight to producing video content as a part of their marketing strategy. Not only are videos entertaining to watch, but they are also interactive and informative.

Below, we have listed a few reminders on what to consider when incorporating videos into your marketing strategy during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.


As with any journey, the destination must be clear so you can get there the way you want. In creating your videos, you also have to keep in mind your end goal. Are you looking to get more customers, retain old ones, or are you only sharing information about your offerings? You should also be realistic. How do you think your viewers will perceive and respond? With the limited resources that they have right now, can they respond to your offer based on your expectations?


Even with a tight budget, you can produce compelling video content by showing customers that you are doing this for them rather than for your sales. Stories then become more critical than large production companies. Tapping into genuine encounters and experiences with your customers is an excellent way to start. You can also use your phone when filming and utilize free software for editing. It’s not ‘entirely’ all about the budget.


Your video must have meaning behind it. Are you genuine with the concern that you are telling through your video? Or are you just another company informing them of how they must avail of your offerings just because you need sales? Your viewers also watch other videos, and they can tell when yours is similar to the one made by another brand. Despite that, make sure that your video is something that strikes their heart and they’ll appreciate and share your videos more. 


Almost everyone has access to mobile phones nowadays, so you must ensure that your video content is mobile-friendly. Consider how your viewers will stream or download to watch your content and which platform to use to disseminate it.

From script to screen, video production companies can help you when it comes to producing and distributing engaging content, including TV commercials and web video production.

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