eLearning Video Production: The Importance of Storyboards in eLearning

While we are now slowly living the post-pandemic life, certain restrictions are still in place to fully eradicate the threat of the COVID-19 virus in the U.S. This is also why eLearning is still relevant in the educational sector. Just like any other digital solution, eLearning takes a lot of planning and preparation in order for it to be effective. And one way to achieve this is through the utilization of storyboards in the eLearning video production process.

As defined by The eLearning Industry’s Network Founder Christopher Pappas, a storyboard is “a map that guides eLearning professionals through every twist and turn of their eLearning course design. Storyboards make the eLearning design and development process much more efficient, as they can not only help eLearning professionals to illustrate their ideas but also to deliver engaging and visually rich eLearning experiences to their audience.”

From that definition alone, it can be said that storyboards are extremely important when it comes to the production of eLearning material. Moreover, there are still plenty of reasons to take into account such as the following:

  • With the help of storyboards, the people involved in eLearning video production can view a laid-out framework of the project before it is completed. For instance, a client may examine how the assigned experts would produce the course material and whether the suggested lesson plans will meet important educational goals.
  • Storyboards in eLearning enable project managers to establish the educational targets early in the project, allowing the production team to work efficiently and avoid ambiguities about the project.
  • Because storyboards in eLearning don’t take as much time to produce, a developer may have a project reviewed and approved by a client before adding the finishing touches afterwards. This saves time by eliminating the need to delete superfluous elements if they aren’t satisfactory to the client.
  • Storyboards ensure that the eLearning video material is focused on the objectives before any cutting-edge art or other components take over the production timeline.

Videos in eLearning encourage creativity, increase motivation, and cater to a wide range of learning requirements, and it can be effectively done if one knows how to craft a good storyboard. But how simple is it for eLearning experts to make their own eLearning videos without the help of video production professionals? Well, it can be pretty challenging but the good news is that eLearning video production is not something a video production company in Los Angeles can’t take on and guide you through.

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