Effective Kickstarter Video Production Strategies That Work

If you are working on a Kickstarter video production project, it is essential to market your idea to obtain the highest number of potential benefactors. So before you start running your Kickstarter campaign, you need to formulate effective strategies to ensure that you will achieve your project’s main objective.

To help you witht the factors that you need to consider while developing a strategy for your Kickstarter video, we’ve listed some of them below:

  1. The Main Objective of the Video

It’s not a secret that having a great video for a crowdfunding campaign is exceedingly vital. Even Kickstarter claims that videos are the most indispensable component of any campaign. Moreover, producing an effective crowdfunding video can be difficult, especially if you haven’t formulated your objective.

Planning begins with understanding. So if you want your video to represent your objective, make sure to point out 1.) The problem you are trying to solve, 2.) How your project can solve it, and 3.) The reason why you need financial assistance to solve the problem.

  1. The Overall Quality of the Video

If you’re planning to hire a video production company to produce your crowdfunding video, the quality of your project really depends on the video production team’s skill level.  Most video production companies, however, can provide better outputs in comparison to producing the video project on your own.

Good lighting, professional audio, and smooth camera movements are some of the important elements of an effective crowdfunding video. If you want to guarantee that these components are present in your crowdfunding video, you may consider hiring a video production company who can take care of the heavy lifting for you.

  1. The Optimal Length of the Video

Contrary to popular belief, there is no specific length that you need to follow to make your Kickstarter video production become successful. There’s no clear-cut evidence that supports the idea that if a video is longer, people will not watch it. Although it may happen, it’s more likely to be a case-to-case basis since short-form videos are also believed to be more powerful.

Whether your video is long or short, it is still highly advisable to keep your videos as concise as possible. Thus, avoid explaining EVERY single detail of the campaign to prevent stuffing your audience with too much information. Providing heaps of information may result in confusion and loss of interest on your audience’s part.

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