Ecommerce Video Production: 3 Best Practices for Ecommerce Video

When it comes to effective ecommerce video production, producing the video is really only half the battle. Your killer product and demo video won’t reach its full potential if there are too many mistakes getting in the way. You want to make sure your video is noticed for the right reasons by the right people. Thankfully, there are some best practices you can implement to better your chances.

Get Into the Habit of Optimizing Video Metadata

If you want people to discover your video, you need to make it discoverable. Whenever you upload a new video, make sure you optimize the text around it to maximize SEO value. This means including the keyword in your title and reviewing your description tags. Always make sure the most relevant categories are tagged first.

If your video is showcasing pet food, make sure the words ‘pet,’ ‘food,’ and ‘pet food’ are the first three tags. Leave supporting secondary tags such as ‘dog,’ ‘dogs,’ ‘funny dog,’ and ‘Chihuahua’ later on in the description. Proper SEO optimization increases the chances of your video popping up on a Google SERP when your main keyword is searched.

Keep the Focus on the Product—Always

An ecommerce video turns into a short feature film when the focus is heavily on the plot instead of the product. While we always encourage storytelling for more effective videos, ecommerce video production calls for slightly different parameters. For one thing, most examples of ecommerce videos (i.e., product videos, demo videos, how-to videos) require direct, straight-to-the point answers.

People watch product videos and demonstration videos to learn how to actually use the product, not to see it in fluffed-up hypothetical situations.

You can’t spend 90% of the video establishing a plot and storyline, and then cramming the product into the last 10%. Telling a story is important to keep people engaged, but an elaborate plot is not necessary. Sometimes the simplicity is what keeps the product showcase engaging.

Check out Honey Baby Natural’s video for their Knot My Honey leave-in detangler. The product is shown in action, the video is barely 15 seconds, and use of the playful, smiling child keeps the viewer enraptured right up to the 00:14 mark. Redsbaby BOUNCE’s slightly longer video (2:09) is as simple as it is effective and informative. What makes this video so clever is the fact that everything a mother would regularly worry about out on a stroll with her baby is addressed by the product in action—from bottom basket space to a retractable canopy to a hands-free brake.

Film Separate Product Videos and Instructional How-To Videos

A product video, according to Switch Video, is “an explainer video that effectively demonstrates the benefits of a product.” How-to videos, as the name suggests, are more detailed and step-by-step. They can be used in instructional courses or online training programs. Basically, a product video provides a general overview. A how-to video is an audio-visual user’s manual.

Separating the main product video from the how-to video for certain merchandise can be extremely helpful to your customers and advantageous to your conversion rate. When they land on your product page, visitors can get acquainted with your merchandise via the product video. Once they purchase it, the product video is no longer relevant to them. They have the product; they don’t need to be told what it is and why they need it. What they want to know now is how to use it.

That’s where the instructional how-to video comes in.

The more complex the product, the more people are going to need step-by-step instructions. In some cases, knowing there’s an official how-to guide readily available can even factor into the purchasing decision. To quote Graham Charlton from eConsultancy, instructional videos “which demonstrate products in action and provide instructions for use and assembly can overcome any doubts that customers may have.”

Check out Solo Stove’s product video and their accompanying how-to guide. Notice the differences in ecommerce video production elements, such as the script and focus. It’s the same product, just different goals.

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