DRTV- Direct Response Television

There are plenty of marketing options. Some traditional ones still work and you will get some leads out of them but the newer marketing ideas really can bump up your leads exponentially. DRTV or Direct Response Television is one of the easiest ways to reach millions of people.

You probably have seen DRTV many times while flipping through channels. A company is advertising a product and the viewer is asked to call into an 800 number or go to a specific website to find out more about the product or for ordering purposes.

Why It Works

DRTV really works! The reason that DRTV is a good bet is really two fold. You get immediate results, so you will know within the first 24 hours if this is a good bet for your company. You reach more people.  The law of averages is in your favor.

When you use DRTV to bring information into someone’s home than under the law of averages almost guarantees at least some response. DRTV is also a very flexible media advertising campaign. If you see that you are not getting the response that you would like you can move your time slot around or cut back on the times that the ad runs or increase the times.

It is a very flexible cost effective tool to help your company advertise, increase sales and leads and help with brand recognition.  DRTV is a great way for start-up businesses do direct selling to the public.

Make It Catchy

If you have watched TV and ever saw a DRTV you know that if it does not get your attention in the first few minutes you rarely stick around. Making sure your DRTV gets noticed will be dependent on who is the creative force behind the DRTV.

These types of commercials are created by a video production team. The right team gets you better responses because people hang around to see the entire commercial. Brandefy is a video production company that provides their clients with a full menu of services including great options for DRTV.

Having options like Brandefy offers is key to the success of the investment of the DRTV. You want to use a flexible firm that can assist you with creating, producing and editing the DRTV and you absolutely want to make it as cost effective as possible without giving up the quality!

DRTV might be the answer you have been looking for.