Given how the digital age has completely transformed marketing, a lot of companies have refocused at least 80% of their marketing campaign through advertising online. It makes sense, given that online advertising is relatively cheaper, has wider reach, and is more flexible to different platforms. In fact, it may seem like traditional television advertising such as TV commercials and DRTV are in danger of becoming obsolete.

That’s not necessarily the case though, considering that both have found a way to integrate themselves within the online sphere. Television commercials will often be uploaded to YouTube as well, under the company’s channel, and DRTV can direct consumers to websites instead of 800 numbers.

On that note, it seems like a lot of marketers have taken DRTV for granted. Many aren’t quite used to its in-your-face attitude when it comes to inciting buyer action. But that’s just one of three reasons why Direct Response Television remains effective, even in this age.


DRTV Costs Less Than Traditional TV Advertising

Ever since television became a viable marketing platform, commercials have always topped the charts as one of the more expensive advertising opportunities. Production cost, talent fees, and other expenses all lead to a hefty sum of around $3,000 up to $25,000 for a regular sixty-second spot. The price can go higher, depending on other variables – prime time, talent, network, station, etc.

Despite the fact that DRTV rates go up every year, it’ll take a while before they reach current spot advertising levels – if they ever will at all! You’d spend more for a 15-second image spot than you would on the upfront cost of a DRTV campaign. That also means you pay less for a direct advertising medium that can be tested and adjusted almost immediately.


DRTV Is Highly Measurable And Accountable

Given the technology we have now, it is possible for digital marketers to break down their marketing process, track sales, and gather data. In fact, most any online platform can track specific indicators to generate statistics on a campaign – like Facebook ads, for instance.

But the thing is, DRTV has been able to do that even when it started out. No other advertising medium can enable the marketer to backtrack through the sales process all the way back to the initial point of contact. Once made, the marketer can track it from there; actual sale, upsell, consumer database – the whole nine yards.

The data gathered here can then enable strategists to then tweak their DRTV campaign – and other marketing campaigns they may have running – to get the best evidence-based results.


DRTV Encourages Action

One of the most important factors in a successful marketing campaign is the CTA (or Call To Action). In digital online format, it would take the form of a CLICK HERE button or a link to the seller’s website at the end of a video.

By definition, DRTV itself is a call to action. It utilizes direct response marketing by asking consumers to respond directly to the company – whether by dialling an 800 number or by visiting the company website. When a potential consumer’s interest is piqued via an interesting product or a riveting product demonstration, they are more open to taking action and buying – if not just out of pure curiosity.

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