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4 Reasons Why Los Angeles Video Production Companies Are Killing It


Exactly as the title suggest. Media today may have taken on new forms – think digital media and VR scenarios – but the basics remain the same. You need great talent, beautiful locations, and cutting-edge technology to make an audio-visual statement. Even today, Los Angeles video production continues to own the game. Here’s why:


  1. Location, Location, Location

While you can’t help but admire the people who put in the effort to actually fly to different parts of the world to hunt for that perfect location, convenience is always appealing (especially for those pesky time/financial constraints). The reason why even Los Angeles video production companies on a tight budget can somehow manage to pull off the most breath-taking scenery shots is simply because L.A. has the locations.

Natural rock formations, strips of deserted land, wide open spaces for last-minute makeshift outside studios – you name it, there’s a little corner of L.A. that has it. Beach scenes, quiet suburban neighborhood scenes, swanky corporate office scenes, bright-lights-big-city scenes; if you’re a video production company based in L.A., all these can be done right within the city.

  1. Scouting Talent

Not every big-name Hollywood star can be found in L.A. – that’s true. However, a lot of up-and-coming talent call this city home. Actors, models, singers, and dancers from all over usually relocate to L.A. simply because it is the city to catch a break. Major production studios are all within proximity. The technology is excellent. The opportunities for exposure are unparalleled.

Los Angeles video production companies are never really hard-pressed to find the right kind of talent for any project. A simple audition or a phone call in for a favor can get any producer dozens of potentially perfect fits.

  1. The Tech Scene

Rich Rosenblat, CEO of Demand Media, recognized L.A. as “one of the best places to be a tech entrepreneur.” From traditional media to digital forms, mixed media and everything else in-between, there is a spot in L.A. for the young, talented, and hopeful. He goes on to say how he’s seen L.A. “mature” from what he describes as a “small, enthusiastic group of entrepreneurs” to a full-blown city where “tech influences all aspects of business, education, and society.

Simply put; L.A. continues to grow and dominate the tech-preneur, digital-media-marketing scene. The year 2013 saw about $1 Billion worth of tech startup investments in L.A. That number grew to $3B the year after, and 202 deals in 2015 saw a whooping $3.07B in investment.

And if that isn’t enough to convince you that L.A. is home to some of the best and brightest in technology, hot apps like SnapChat (yep – all those filters) and Tinder are L.A.-grown.

  1. Star-Studded Entertainment

During the 1800’s, movies and motion pictures penetrated Los Angeles; an audio-visual powerpunch of opportunity for the financial, economical, entertainment, and media sectors. By the time the 20th century rolled around, television popped into the scene as well. The famous Hollywood sign serves as a monumental testament to Los Angeles as the world’s undeniable capital for entertainment. Aspiring directors, producers, and actors all move to L.A. for a chance at the silver screen of success.

And L.A. plays second-fiddle to none. Despite the arrival of digital media and online entertainment, the city is still home to the highest percentage of online video production studios, digital marketing companies, and virtual reality workrooms.


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