Creating Sizzle Reels with a Santa Monica Video Production Company

If your business is aiming to spread brand awareness and increase profits, then you should consider using video content in your marketing strategy. With your existing videos and other media content, a Santa Monica video production company can help create Sizzle Reels for your marketing campaigns.

Sizzle reels are short marketing videos used to promote a brand’s products and services. These are also called demo reels, showreels, highlight reels, promo videos, pitch tapes, or teasers. Often, actors, videographers, editors, and other creatives use sizzle reels to showcase their skills and accomplishments. As such, sizzle reels are also useful when trying to sell TV shows to networks or when trying to raise funds for films.

Create effective sizzle reels by:

  • Focusing on your purpose: You must keep in mind the video’s purpose. Why are you releasing such content? Is it a part of a series of videos, or is it standalone? Remember to place all the necessary information about your products and services without overloading it with too much information. Otherwise, your audience might not be able to handle the information overwhelm and stop watching. The goal is to avoid this from happening.
  • Keeping it short: Back when, sizzle reels could last for as long as five minutes. However, due to shorter viewing times and especially people’s shorter attention spans, it is suggested that you keep your sizzle reels closer to one to two minutes, max.
  • Remembering your audience: If you have a goal set in mind on why you are producing a sizzle reel, then you must already have a target audience in mind. Think about that target audience in your planning and production stages. You must step into your audiences’ shoes and consider how they may view and receive your content. Will it be useful and engaging? Are they going to be interested in what you are offering?
  • Making it look professional: Because you are intending to impress possible business partners and customers, you must create a compelling and professional-looking sizzle reel. Put in visuals and sounds that excite and delight at the same time. Make sure that you use the right editing tools to achieve the desired effects.
  • Telling a story: A compelling storyline helps attract viewers. Thus, your sizzle reel must be able to tell your story with a beginning, a middle, and an ending. Because sizzle reels are short, it is essential to keep your audience excited. By the end of the video, they will understand what they have watched and they will know what you want them to do.

We here at Brandefy can help you create compelling Sizzle Reels with your already existing media via our MediaMash solution. We are a Santa Monica video production company that makes video content to promote customer engagement and brand growth!

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