Creating FAQ Videos For Your Brand Through Video Production In LA

Companies are becoming more flexible. They adapt to growing demands, utilize new techniques, and get better at accommodating their customers’ concerns. In line with this, video production in LA may help you create a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) video to address their needs.

FAQ videos are created to save time. In most cases, customers get the answers they are looking for without having to speak to customer service representatives. This in turn allows them to accommodate clients with concerns that are less common and more complex in nature.

Have you decided to create your very own FAQ video? Here’s how to make one:

Collect questions

Ask your employees. What concerns have they repeatedly addressed? You may launch an online poll to gather insights from your customers. They may have questions that haven’t been addressed yet. Another way to approach it would be to collect questions or concerns on your social media posts.

Write down your answers

Keep your words simple and straight to the point. Using words that may not be in your typical consumers’ vocabulary may just confuse them even more. This step requires a thorough understanding of your target demographic. Take note that beginners and experts may ask the same questions, but the way you explain answers to them will vary. Aim for a middle ground and provide an option to learn more about certain features in a separate video instead of cramming them all in one go.

Make sure your pre-production setup is ready

Hire a crew that can work well with you by asking them the right questions. Once you’ve gotten past choosing a team, you can focus on other aspects, like maintaining your viewers’ attention in the video. This can be done by keeping your backgrounds simple, amongst other things. In addition, double check with your narrators. Have they memorized their scripts? Ask your crew if the scene is well lit and if the sound they’re getting from the mic is crisp enough.


If you can, shoot multiple videos in one day. You’ll end up saving time in comparison to having to set up all your equipment every day, confirming each other’s availability and packing up at the end.


Place the final touches in your post-production phase. Does your brand have its own signature welcoming and closing animation clips? You may choose to add those in for higher production values. If you want ot appeal to a wider audience, you may want to consider adding subtitles for other languages.

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