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Nowadays, individuals, startups, and companies across industries are all fighting to acquire their audience’s attention by creating stunning, “binge-worthy” videos with a Los Angeles video production agency.

This is because of the rise of streaming services wherein more and more people have now found themselves “binge-watching” or watching a certain series’ episodes rapidly in one sitting. In fact, results from a poll from the Morning Consult and the Hollywood Reporter show that 60% of adults reportedly binge-watch at least once a week. This behavior is most commonly seen in individuals aged 18-29, with 26% of the respondents reportedly doing so every day.

This is a stark contrast from the time when your favorite series’ episodes were released at a set interval—oftentimes daily or weekly. Moreover, crowds were more likely to flock to the cinema when movies were shown since the option to watch it on the Internet wasn’t available yet.

Interested in creating your own binge-worthy videos? Here are a few tips:

Get your audience hooked. Ask a series of questions. Mix in a few relatable ones with questions that are more complex and require a more in-depth analysis. Your viewers will be pleased to have another individual understand them or give them more knowledge.

Follow a format. How-to, Do It Yourself (DIY), and life hack videos often start with a sneak peek of the final product before walking you through the necessary steps involved. On the other hand, tutorials take you through the entire process before revealing the final outcome. Determine a format that works for you and stick with it. This will help establish a sense of familiarity for your audience.

Provide clues. When you’re creating a series of educational videos, you can have experts present a brief overview of the course outline upfront. That way, students are given ideas about what to expect. This even allows them to skip ahead to what interests them most.

End with a cliffhanger. In a television series, this is where the audience is left wanting to know what happens next. Make it appear as if watching the next episode is the only option they have and they’re bound to do just that.

At the end of the day, avoid being overly competitive. Focus on strengthening your audience’s trust in your brand and don’t call out any of your competitors, as that may severely backfire. Tired of competing for your target audience’s time and attention? You may consider collaborating with a Los Angeles video production agency.

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