Corporate Video Production: The First Steps Toward Becoming A Professional Videographer

Are you planning to create a  professional level video but don’t know where to start? As a tenderfoot videographer, corporate video production can be very challenging.

Producing a high-quality video is more than just the tools and equipment. It requires various techniques and practices that you need to apply in every video that you’ll be producing.

No one expects you to master these best practices and techniques, especially if you’re a newbie, however there are key steps that you can take to improve the quality of your video without trying too hard.

#1 Use Natural Light

In our previous articles, we’ve mentioned how lighting affects the overall quality of your videos.  Thus, make it one of your top priorities to ensure that your video gets good lighting. It is highly advisable to use natural light, as it is considered to be the best light source for videos. Moreover, you need to be strategic when you’re shooting to avoid unpleasant and ineffective lighting. If you want to get it right the first time, learn about the importance of lighting in video production first.

#2 Avoid Shakiness

If you want to create a corporate video, avoiding shaky footage is a rule of thumb. Try your best to keep your video as steady as possible. If it’s hard for you to hold your camera still, you can use a tripod or place your camera on a sturdy surface to avoid any unwanted motion. If you’re shooting a moving subject, one of the best tricks to avoid shakiness is to cut from one shot to another. If your video is still shaky despite your efforts, you can use video stabilization software to correct it.

#3 Produce Crisp, Clear Audio

Whether you agree or not, the quality of your audio is the primary factor that can contribute to your video’s success. For corporate video production professionals, the message matters more than the quality of the video. As an inexperienced videographer, you should not focus on creating a perfect visual material. If your goal is to successfully promote your brand or business, prioritizing the quality of your audio is the most effective way to achieve that objective.

All in all, creating a professional-looking video isn’t magic. Like we’ve mentioned, it requires effective techniques and best practices that you need to master. In the meantime, you may consider seeking help from video production experts if you think you need more help when it comes to producing professional-level videos.

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