Corporate Video Production Key Opportunities Every Brand Should Capitalize On

Content marketing is the cornerstone of every successful advertising campaign. Corporate video production experts believe that marketers who are proficient in both online and conventional methods understand that content marketing produces higher compounded returns over time. Another format that has shown to be efficient and productive is video marketing. It’s not a secret that the online realm has been inundated with videos nowadays. Whether on social media or business websites, videos have been utilized by many brands to promote their products and services.

So how can this game-changing method contribute to the success of your brand? Check out the following key opportunities below:

  • Because of the level of engagement it generates among viewers, it is simple to obtain quantitative feedback via video. The views indicate how much traffic is coming to your video and how many people are staying for more than five or ten seconds. The “likes” or ratings indicate how well your concept and execution are alignedexecution aligned. The comments area is an excellent place to learn more about what your viewers liked about your video or how it made them feel.
  • Including a video in your email raises click-through and open rates significantly.  Those that incorporated video in their email campaigns saw genuine results, according to eMarketer. 55% noticed an increase in email click-through rates, while 44% saw an increase in the duration of time recipients spent reading the email. In terms of content sharing, 41% of those whothat utilized videos reported a significant increase in emails forwarded.
  • The fact that videos can be integrated, published, and shared on nearly any platform contributes to the effectiveness of utilizing them in video marketing. When you upload a video to YouTube, you may embed it using almost any script, HTML or otherwise. You may also share it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and a few more sites. You may also use the direct URL to link back to the YouTube video, which means that any website that permits links is another way for you to share it.

Video content continues to grow and evolve over time. And now that there are numerous ways to promote videos on different platforms, your brand is surely missing out on great opportunities if you’re not using videos to promote your products and services. 

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