Corporate Video Production: Improving Storytelling in Marketing Videos

Storytelling has been around as far back as humans have started communicating with one another and incorporating it into videos has added another dimension to the experience. But how does corporate video production storytelling work for businesses?

You can use storytelling instead of telling more facts and statistics about your products and services in your video content. Storytelling has an appeal that makes things more exciting, memorable, and authentic. Most importantly, it brings out an emotional response from its viewers. Bringing out this kind of response is what you should hope to achieve from your videos because emotional connection plays a significant role in the choices people make as consumers.

In comparison, traditional marketing videos often show the product or service, add a voice-over narration, and place facts and figures onscreen. It tends to be difficult for viewers to follow. On the other hand, video content that includes storytelling helps showcase the product or service by wrapping it around a story. Stories are effective in triggering emotions, so it ultimately captures the viewer’s attention.

In your videos, you may choose to talk about how your brand can make the world a better place. You can share how your product or service helps people thrive. Letting others tell your story also reflects authenticity. Their testimonials are what potential customers would like to hear. These kinds of stories will cultivate trust between businesses and their customers.

Remember that the story that you wish to tell them is a story that should connect with them, which is why authenticity is important. The more you share about yourself and your business, the more you can touch your customers’ hearts, and the more they will connect with you. So, tell a story that is emotionally powerful and relevant to your target.

Here are some tips you could use to improve storytelling in creating your video content:

  1. Everyone loves an underdog. So, if you had to overcome countless obstacles along the way to where you are, then share that and make it a part of your story.
  2. If you can, include twists and turns or introduce something that viewers don’t see coming as you tell your story.
  3. Keep your video short. Remove all unnecessary elements. Be guided by your video’s purpose and keep the story clear and straightforward.
  4. The first few seconds into your video are crucial! Be sure to capture your viewers’ attention and get them engaged as quickly as possible. So, don’t be predictable.
  5. Leave your viewers satisfied by having an ending to your story. It may be a call to action, or an invitation to see your next video or visit your website.

For every successful campaign, a corporate video production company ensures that a compelling and effective story drives it. From script to screen, a video production company in LA may be your one-stop-shop for producing and distributing engaging content.

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