Corporate Video Production: How To Position Your Corporate Videos Effectively

Almost every professional video marketer constantly talks about creating that one viral video that can generate hundreds of thousands of views and user engagement. After all, greater internet visibility generally equates to more followers, prospects, and sales for a brand. It also offers increased awareness, recognition, and a potential increase in the number of customers. In the context of corporate video production, however, a viral video is not the same as a good video.

Here are several points to remember when producing a corporate video for your brand or company:

  • You must have your own brand voice before you start filming your video. One of the most effective ways to stand out from oversaturated platforms like social media is to be extraordinary and unique when it comes to presenting your value proposition. However, this is easier said than done. You must demonstrate that you are unique by connecting with your viewers on a deeper level. Doing this effectively will help you build an impression and avoid being mistaken for everyone else.
  • Copying a viral video may be quite enticing, especially if the premise and concept resonate with you personally. While there’s nothing wrong with gaining inspiration for corporate video production from other businesses, keep in mind that your brand voice is more important than video views. You risk devaluing your brand if you mimic or copy a famous video that doesn’t match your brand.
  • When planning your upcoming video, consider your existing audience as well as your target market’s preferences and perceptions. Will they be offended by the humor? Is this a notion that they can relate to? Are the citations difficult to understand? These questions will help you convey the right message and avoid misinterpretations from your audience.
  • Whether you’re making a video for a product release or giving a face to your company’s website, the objective of your video must demonstrate clarity. If you attempt to make too many points at once, you risk losing your viewers, and if your brand messaging isn’t precise enough, you risk missing an opportunity to attract and convert prospects.

When it comes to corporate video production, many businesses place a high value on conveying information in their corporate videos, but often overlook the importance of conveying personality. Consumers want brands to be transparent in their interactions with them. Giving your consumers value other than a sales pitch can help them create a beneficial bond with your firm.

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