Corporate Video Production Guide: Using Videos To Kick Off 2023

There are various trends for businesses in 2023. However, the prediction is that brands will experience a slowdown in Q1 due to the busy Christmas season. For instance, sales for companies may need to be more active over the holidays when most clients spend their money. Video production businesses in Austin seek to address this problem. 

The following are the best ways your brand can use video to kick off the new year.

  • The year’s first quarter is the ideal time to keep existing clients engaged and build brand loyalty for new customers. You can do this in various ways, such as using video to create a thank you message and greet your customers with a happy new year. You can also take this as an opportunity to share your plans for the year and provide insight into what they can expect from you as the year progresses.
  • Are you planning to launch a new product or service? The first quarter of the year is the best time to do it. Since it’s a whole new year, people are inclined to try something fresh (i.e., new products, new services, new experiences) from brands. Moreover, this is not limited to launching new stuff. You can also promote a possible revamp or upgrade of an existing product or service. And there’s no better way to get the message across than through a product video.
  • Reaching milestones like 1,000 Facebook followers or 10,000 YouTube subscribers is always enjoyable. You can preserve these memories by making a video highlighting your previous-year accomplishments. Additionally, this is a good time to express gratitude to your subscribers and customers for their never-ending support of your brand. Not to mention, emotion-evoking videos work wonders, especially when utilized well.

Knowing the best times for video marketing in 2023 can help you decide which period works best for your company’s objectives. By doing this, you’ll be moving toward producing valuable video content that connects and engages viewers in a meaningful way. To be effective, it’s critical to keep up with the most recent developments, whether or not you use video in your marketing strategy.

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