Corporate Video Production: 4 Important Characteristics of a Social Media Video

Ironically, the world that we usually roam around is growing smaller compared to the world that continually grows online. We now conduct meetings and presentations for work through video conferencing platforms such as Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, etc. We also utilize virtual space to serve as our classrooms with Edmodo, Moodle, Google Classroom and the like. Who would have imagined that all of this would happen in just a few months?

Social media platforms comply with the increasing and changing needs of how people consume online content due to these drastic changes. These days, companies and businesses adapt through improving their digital content by producing videos. Corporate video production is one effective way to draw new and old customers and increase sales. Right now, your brand must remain visible despite the pandemic. May it be for advertising or concept explanation, the global health crisis and its effect on people’s usage of the online world should be taken as a hint to shift to video production as a vital part of a company’s marketing strategy.

To illustrate, we have listed down crucial characteristics of high-quality video content in social media during the COVID-19 pandemic.

#1 Informative

Videos help customers understand your products. With videos, you can show them the value of what you are selling. Through videos, your customer gets a closer look at a specific product or service that you are trying to offer.

#2 Optimized

Properly optimized videos are considered as high-quality content by search engines, which means that you must use the right keywords, meta-description and title for your videos.

#3 Competitive

Your video may use unique types of media such as animations or illustrations in explaining to gain your customer’s attention and gain an edge above the rest. You do this while also keeping them entertained. It is also best that your videos must be short and unique to get all sorts of messages out to its audience and not lose their interest.

#4 Personal

Video content crafted by most corporate video production companies allows your customers to connect with you easily. Sharing Instagram Stories or Facebook Lives, for instance, are great ways to show an intimate glimpse and secret glances of what you are currently doing. You also give them a chance to interact with you, which allows them to voice their suggestions, thereby giving them the sense that they, too, are helping to honor your products to perfection.

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