Corporate Video Production: 3 Simple Steps To Make Instagram Ads Successful

Nowadays, digital video has increasingly become more popular with social media users. Advertisers take advantage of the rocketing need for video consumption by creating more content for their audience. Corporate video production companies specialize in incorporating these steps and we thought we would share some of these best practices with you..

When it comes to finding a compelling social media platform, Instagram is one of the leading social networking sites to date. With over 400 million users that actively share 80 million posts on a daily basis, Instagram is undoubtedly beneficial for advertisers.

The platform provides multiple advertising options, but above them all, video ads stand out. We all know that videos are hot today because they offer a combination of audio and motion pictures to further connect with a variety of audience.

However, if you are planning to use Instagram for your video marketing strategy, there are several things that you need to take into account. Here are some of them:

Make The First Seconds Count

Effective videos are not just those that have good endings, but those that have compelling beginnings. Catching your audience’s attention in a matter of seconds is one of the best ways to ensure your success when it comes to advertising on Instagram. If you want your marketing videos to get noticed, grabbing your audience’s attention with a strong intro is one way to do it.

Blend Your Video Ads Naturally Into The Feeds

No matter how good your video ads are, some people will not appreciate them because they’re … ads. That is why it is important to try your best to produce an engaging video rather than an overly self-promotional one. Most users appreciate a video content that brings value. Thus, making your video ads blend into the Instagram feeds organically will surely hit the right spot for a successful video advertising.

Focus On One Goal

Your marketing video could be about product education, brand awareness, an explainer video, or the typical “buy now” option. However, you should avoid incorporating all of them in one single video. According to corporate video production companies, bombarding your audience with too much information will only lead them to scroll past your video ad. Thus, if you want your audience to consume your video, focusing on one specific goal is the most effective way to accomplish your objective.

If you’re planning to start your advertising journey on Instagram, asiding from doing the foot work yourself, hiring Los Angeles video professionals is one of the finest ways to start strong and finish well.

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