3 More Reasons to Include Explainer Videos in Your Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing, as defined by the Content Marketing Institute itself, is a marketing technique of “creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content,” all meant to attract a “clearly defined audience.” Basically, it’s the process of marketing your brand, company, or product by using different forms of content, such as explainer videos. As long as the content is “valuable, relevant, and consistent,” you’re doing it right.

However, with all the different types of marketing content out there – blog posts, images, infographics, social media statuses, etc., — how do you know which one to use? While the usual argument of it depends on the company/brand/product is certainly a valid point, there is, in fact, a form of content that can be used to market practically anything.

We’re talking, of course, about video. While this is not, in any way, undermining the effectiveness of other forms of marketing content, stating that video is by far the best option seems like a fair conclusion. Its efficiency and effectiveness as a marketing tool is matched only by its consistency to yield positive results.


Videos are a beautiful blend of audio-visual marketing that can easily condense your entire brand in ninety seconds or less. In the fast-paced digital era we live in, most people can’t be chuffed to read your company’s vision-mission statement. They also don’t have the time to sift through full-length testimonial articles. It’s a very need-it-now sort of mentality that rules a person’s decisions.

Get to the point, or else.

Explainer videos — and other similar video forms — are able to do that for your viewers. They are bite-sized forms of easily-digestible information that serve to educate your target market and heavily influence their purchasing decision.


Now that Google owns YouTube, there has definitely been a significant increase in how much weight a video holds over search engine rank. To be fair, there’s a good bit of logic behind the system. Google’s formula notes how long each visitor spends on your website. It is assumed that the longer they stay on your site, the more engaging your content. If you’ve got one or two videos embedded on your website, it stands to reason that visitors are going to stay a little longer on your landing page just to watch said videos.

Ergo, Google believes your website has valuable content. Recent statistics show that your website is 53% more likely to show up as Google’s first result if there’s video embedded on your page.


Another significant characteristic of our fast-paced society is mobility. People are very on-the-go right now, and they expect technology to keep up. Hence mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and other pocket-sized gadgets. It’s a definite bonus on the marketer’s part if the information is easily condensed and formatted to fit this constantly-moving lifestyle.

Videos are perhaps the best marketing tool to fit this format. They can easily be condensed and optimized for viewing through mobile devices. In fact, ever since 2012, mobile videos views have increased by more than 400% — not surprising, considering that YouTube reported mobile video consumption rises by at least 100% every year.

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