Common Pre-Production Mistakes According to Small Production Companies in Los Angeles

Even in the world of corporate video production, mistakes are bound to happen. These mistakes, no matter how small, can end up negatively affecting your brand image and marketing efforts. Here are three common video mistakes that may happen during the pre-production stage in small production companies in Los Angeles:

  1. Lack of Planning and Attention to Details. Not preparing and using a formal script is one of the most common mistakes that producers and marketers do. Through a production plan, you can organize all of your ideas and thoughts and put into writing a script for the video that aligns with your brand’s vision and targets your business goals. Let your team hear the script before filming to ensure that the phrasing sounds natural and conversational. Moreover, make sure to use the appropriate visual elements and background music in the styling of the video to showcase and reflect your brand’s image accurately.
  2. Assuming your audience immediately cares. To put things simply, you must never expect that your viewers will understand and relate to your content as soon as they see it. Never assume that they will get hooked and share it with their network. As such, you must create video content that they find useful and entertaining. In the video, talk about your product’s features and how it can help solve their problems. Also, make sure that they get hooked within the first few seconds into the video and excite them along the way. Ultimately, create video content that connects and resonates with your viewers.
  3. Not incorporating the human element. One of the best ways to connect with an audience is by showing them the human side. Thus, you must incorporate storytelling into your video content to show glimpses into the lives of the people behind your company and those surrounding it. Feature a staff who work tirelessly in improving your company. You may also show them the story of a customer whose life changed because of your products or services. After seeing the video, your audience will see how your products can help them, too.

Pre-production planning is one of the most crucial stages in the video production process. With careful planning, creating video marketing content that genuinely and accurately projects a brand’s values onto the screen becomes easy.

In the filmmaking and video production industry, Brandefy is among the small production companies in Los Angeles that believes in the power of careful planning. We do our best to avoid all unnecessary mistakes and guarantee a smooth process from pre-production to post-production, from script to screen.

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