The biggest difference between a client and a commercial director is that they may have conflicting viewpoints. A director might want something he can keep for his reel while the client wants a hard-hitting sales-y presentation. When a proper balance is maintained between the two, a great DRTV commercial is produced. However, the agency that you may be working with, can give more importance to the director on the set. Here are some of the most common pitfalls that you should be avoiding when you opt for a video commercial production.

  • Ask if the company has insurance

Though it might seem absolutely silly to ask a commercial production company whether they have any kind of general insurance policy or not, it is quite possible that you or someone else may get hurt during a shoot. Though it is a very rare occurrence, staying on the safe side doesn’t hurt.

  • A producer can be a distraction

As a client, you will be treated very nicely when you reach the set of a shoot. Ideally, you will be directed straight to the craft table where you will meet some of the crew. When you are working with a company that hardly takes any interest in your opinions, the producer is generally stapled to you and takes you everywhere. They would first meet and discuss for minutes and then take you on a very brief “tour of the shoot.” After this, you will be taken to a region that is far away from the shoot area. This ensures that you don’t get a voice in the making of the TV commercial and that the director and agency get to do their work with ease. The producer will be there with you at all times.

  • The dead dog trick

While you are touring the sets of the shoot, the agency may try to make sure that there is some kind of “dead dog” trick lying around for you. The clue would be so obvious that you could certainly be able to discover it and suggest its removal.

Thankfully, you will not have to face any these common pitfalls when it comes to a TV commercial production with our company. We make sure that you have your say in the production and everything goes on as per your suggestions. It would be genuinely helpful to ensure that the commercial becomes another feather in our company’s cap, as well as yours.