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There’s no doubt that marketing is easier these days compared to several decades ago. Before, there were few options when it came to marketing; now, you can choose between traditional and online media, or even use both – thanks to the advent of the Internet, among other things. One aspect of marketing that hasn’t changed a lot in all this time is the use of video. If businesses didn’t need videos to market their products and services, not to mention the help of Los Angeles video production companies, why then are there still video ads on TV as well as on the Internet?

That said, video marketing may not be for every business. In some cases, smaller businesses and startups may find that they’ve spent more than their estimated budget on videos that they end up not using too often. Before you jump on that bandwagon, here’s a quick look at some pros and cons as publicly shared by Los Angeles video production experts. That way, you can decide if it’s worth going into for your own venture.

Pro: Videos are quick

Many people would rather watch a 3-minute long instructional video than read an instruction manual. This is especially true if the process being shown can be quite complicated. What can take up a whole paragraph in the manual can often be condensed to just 5 to 10 seconds of video. No matter how short the video is, it’s also comprehensive. It can deliver more information per second than a manual can per page, which is why How-To videos and Tutorial videos are so well-received.

Con: Videos can be too effective

There is such a thing as a video that’s too memorable. That is, people remember the video itself, but they don’t remember the product or service being advertised. This can happen if your script is well thought-out but your promotion and marketing strategy leaves much to be desired. You want to make your brand name as memorable as your video. The worst-case scenario would be your potential customer buying a similar product from a competitor simply because they couldn’t remember the name of the company being advertised. This is something you want to avoid at all cost.

Pro: Videos are engaging

You’ve been there before – you’re talking with someone, and something’s playing on the television behind them, so you try and see what’s on the screen. The best Los Angeles video production companies or teams know how to make eye-catching videos that combine music, images, and words to evoke the right response in viewers. That is, a truly engaging video should be able to turn viewers from potential customers into actual paying clients.

Con: Videos take time and are expensive

For a video to look as professional as possible, it’s impossible to just ‘wing it’. The cast needs to be properly chosen, a script has to be written, locations have to be found, and any props have to be made. Then there’s the actual shooting of the video and the editing. This is why video costs more than print ads or email marketing. Not only does it require more effort, but it also costs more in the long run.

This is also why some businesses turn to Los Angeles video production companies to handle their video content. Companies that don’t have the cash to spare for video promotions may not have this option. But at the end of the day, as Business2Community puts it, the cons aren’t really solid reasons for discouraging video marketing. They’re more challenges than anything else. The facts and stats prove, year after year, that video is form of content that marketing and advertising simply cannot do without.

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