Choosing a Video Production Agency: 5 Red Flags

Looking for a suitable video production agency for your next project? Smart move. There are numerous benefits to outsourcing your video needs to a third-party production agency, especially one with years of experience and accolades.

However, with so many video production companies to choose from, how do you zero in on the best one? Process of elimination usually works best; get rid of the agencies that probably won’t fulfill your expectations or give you the best value, and you’ve successfully narrowed your choices down to just a handful of gems.

When choosing a video company, watch out for these 5 red flags:

They Have No General Liability/Errors  & Omissions Insurance

Even if logic dictates that nothing could possibly go wrong, it’s still smarter—and safer—to assume the worst-case scenario. Suppose someone from the company gets injured during a shoot or uses licensed materials they are not permitted to use. In that case, the last thing you want is to get dragged into public disputes or lawsuits that could negatively impact your finances. Ergo, if the video production company doesn’t offer standard coverage or general liability, you do not want to sign on with them.

They Prioritize Creativity Over Business Practicality

There’s nothing wrong with creativity. In fact, a lot of people can appreciate a clever, well-executed video concept. In fact, the most engaging videos are usually the ones that are fresh, unique, and emotionally or intellectually appealing.

However, you are ultimately producing videos to serve your business objectives; sales, marketing, human resources, company culture, etc. You’ve wasted your money if the video doesn’t accomplish anything regarding said objectives. Hence, it is important to choose a production company that doesn’t let its own artistic sensibilities get in the way of business practicality.

They’ve Been Using the Same Equipment for the Past Five Years

In the world of video production, change is truly the only constant. Trends flare and die, techniques are refined, and what was once considered functional and multipurpose is now outdated and needs an upgrade. If the company you’re eyeing uses the same video production equipment and techniques they’ve used for the past five years, you should look for someone else.

We know—intimately—how pricey cameras, tripods, lighting kits, and microphone setups can be. However, professional video production agencies know when to limit finances and when to invest, and production gear is definitely worth investing in.

They Do a Little Bit of Everything

There’s nothing wrong with a video production company offering multiple services as long as said services still fall beneath the video production umbrella—i.e. scriptwriting, storyboarding, post-production editing, etc. However, you might reconsider signing on with them if they offer a wide range of general content marketing or digital marketing services—such as SEO, graphic design, and social media management.

There’s nothing wrong with being a generalist, but a lack of specialization can often lead to a compromise, especially if the company has more services than they do staff.

They Do Not Have Publicly Accessible Reviews

This one is a big one, and—as far as we’re concerned—pretty much a deal-breaker. If the video production company you’re considering contracting doesn’t have any reviews or testimonials from verified clients, you probably shouldn’t sign on with them.

Any business worth its salt knows how important word-of-mouth is in attracting referrals and gaining the trust of potential clients. This is why so many companies make it a point to ask for feedback; testimonials beget trust.

If the video production company claims to have been in business for a while now but has no verified reviews featured on their website, they either 1.) have something to hide, or 2.) can’t be bothered to confirm their credibility—both of which are characteristics unbecoming of a professional production company.

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