Choosing A Video Location For Your Next Project With A Los Angeles Production Company

When you have an idea ready to go and you’ve decided to work with your Los Angeles production company on a shoot, there’s one important thing you have to think about: your video location. How do you choose where to shoot your video?

Distinguish the overall mood of the video. Review your script and storyboard. What kind of video do you want to create? Determine whether it’s structured or more free-flowing. Is it for educational purposes, ecommerce, or purely for entertainment? Your video location should primarily be able to accommodate those concerns.

Consider the technical aspects. No matter how tempting it is to choose a location because of how aesthetically pleasing it might be, don’t close off your other options just yet. Ask yourself a few questions. Will the entire team fit into that room? You need to allow yourself space to set up your gear and still enable your actors to move around. Do you have enough lights to completely fill the space? Oftentimes, production companies bring a few additional lights to complement those already on the set. Are your microphones going to pick up any additional noise coming from pets, traffic, or heavy machinery? These can easily be distracting to your viewers, leaving them unable to focus on your video’s actual message. No location is perfect, but choosing the most optimal one can make the filming process much easier.

Identify the location’s accessibility and security.

You also have to consider factors outside of the shoot such as available parking space, the time it takes to get there, is it near any food stops? Convenience plays a major role in location scouting. That’s why most companies choose to film in their own offices whenever possible. In doing so, they also save on time as they don’t have to request for legal permission from other shooting spaces. Plus, they’re guaranteed to have a safe space for their employees and equipment. For some people, having a crime scene in a video can be interesting. But as a rule in general, you’d want to stay away from dangerous locations.

Evaluate the weather. Excess heat and humidity don’t sit well with your equipment. They can either damage your cameras and lenses, mess with your shots, or both. Sudden shifts in the temperature can also make your team uncomfortable and less likely to perform at their best. Shooting at locations with extreme weather takes commitment.

Lastly, you may ask your Los Angeles production company for any of their recommended locations. That way, you can have insights on a professional’s opinion.

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