Video Production Guide: Building Brand Credibility Through Testimonial Videos

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Speech is freer than ever before in this age of technology, communication, and social media. People can now express their views on issues that are important to them, knowing that at least one person would listen. One simple written viewpoint has triggered hour-long internet arguments on forums and comments sections. What is the story’s ultimate […]

Three Reasons Why Brands Should Focus On Videos in 2023

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There’s no doubt that advertising is a lot easier these days than it used to be. Traditional advertising dominated numerous corporate sectors long before the internet established itself as a formidable marketing tool. However, one component that hasn’t altered much but is still evolving is the use of video in advertising. The average American spends […]

Corporate Video Production: 3 Ways to Create Impact Without Sacrificing Quality

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Every video marketer dreams of putting out that one viral video that rakes in views and social shares by the hundred-thousands. After all, more exposure online usually translates to an increase in following, leads, and conversions. It also promises better brand recognition and a potential expansion in the consumer base. However, in the case of […]

Social Media Video Production: 3 Trends to Bring With You

Videos posted to social media—also referred to simply as social videos—are by far one of the best content marketing mediums businesses can utilize. Brand owners invest so much in social video production because of the numerous opportunities and benefits it gives them in terms of reaching their marketing and business objectives. Current statistics show that […]

Video Trends in 2023 That Can Help Your Business Prosper

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According to leading video production companies, video content dominance in the digital environment has enabled marketing campaigns to evolve to a new level. In recent years, customers’ interest has been successfully captured, and their curiosity was positively stirred through video material. In fact, video has emerged as the go-to strategy for informing the public, making […]

Why Placing Videos on a Website’s Homepage Matters

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For professionals specializing in web video production, the homepage is perhaps the most significant element of a website. It functions in the same manner as a book cover; it’s not the actual product, but it certainly impacts your purchasing decision. To continue with this metaphor, everyone knows you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. […]

Austin Video Production: The Essential Components of Whiteboard Explainer Videos

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A whiteboard explainer video is one of the most popular tools in online marketing. It is a one-minute video discussing your company’s products and services. In a short amount of time, people can quickly get the information they need about your offerings without losing interest in watching the whole video. Austin video production companies believe […]

Things To Avoid In Kickstarter Video Production

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Most people are aware that video is one of the most important components of a successful crowdfunding campaign. The fact that the rivalry in today’s market has transformed into a war of inventiveness is not a secret to anyone. As a result, people engaging in Kickstarter video production, as well as other crowdsourcing sites, have […]