Choosing A Los Angeles Videographer: Things To Know About Rates And Pricing

Los Angeles videographer

According to Video Maker, Los Angeles videographer rate is based on the equipment. It makes sense, given that they can’t do their job as best as they can without proper equipment. Even a simple setup—camera, tripod, wireless microphone, and light kit—can cost the videographer upwards of a few thousand dollars. Ergo, this is an investment […]

Video Marketing Strategies: How Often Should You Upload Videos?

Los Angeles video production

It’s been said a good dozen times or so by at least a hundred successful marketers; effective marketing means having a steady, constant flow of content. Keeping your internet presence active is imperative, especially in terms of SEO. Google doesn’t look too kindly upon websites that haven’t posted anything (or done any sort of activity) […]

4 Kickstarter Video Production Formats For A Compelling Crowdfunding Campaign

Kickstarter video production

Here’s the great thing about crowdfunding campaign videos; they don’t have to be perfect. However, they do need to be compelling. The market, as expected, is getting crowded. Crowdfunding has proven it’s the easiest way to get funding for a potentially huge project, which makes it a great kick-off point for newcomers. A lot of […]

Kickstarter Video Production Tips: You’ve Got A Great Kickstarter Video If …

kickstarter video production

With the dozens of kickstarter video production tips out there, how do you know if the one you’re implementing actually works? In fact, the scope of advice goes beyond just kickstarter video. Any online video—product, explainer, demo, how-to—has its fair share of tips and production guidelines that you can very well incorporate into your kickstart […]

Ecommerce Video Production: 3 Reasons To Use Short-Form Content

ecommerce video production

When it comes to ecommerce video production, what is the ideal video length, really? The immediate answer would be somewhere around sixty to 120 seconds, or 1-2 minutes. That seems like a safe, viable timeframe. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Context and content have more to do with the length of the video than we […]

Make The Most Out of Working With an Event Video Production Company

event video production company

If your company’s throwing a corporate affair, the best way to ensure you’ve got full video coverage of the whole thing is to hire a videographer or an event video production company. It seems pretty standard, but most people don’t realize the wealth of marketing/advertising opportunity in that setup alone. When you’ve got a corporate […]

Utilizing Corporate Video Production for Business Success

For many years, people have been delighted by videos. Today, global corporations, small-to-medium-sized enterprises, and marketers compete for people’s attention on every social media platform with an astounding range of cutting-edge video content. Indeed, in today’s tightly populated corporate environment, video has emerged as one of the most important marketing tools. In fact, corporate video […]

Austin Video Production: Top Reasons Why You Should Give Video Marketing a Go

When utilized in business, videos have much too much potential according to Austin video production companies. However, some company owners continue to disregard the use of videos as part of their digital marketing plan. Video has the ability to make your company more popular and personable. Because videos are naturally entertaining, you can avoid portraying […]

Brandefy Team Receives “Best of California” Award from UpCity

The annual UpCity “Best of” awards – which recognize the world’s leading service providers in particular service categories – were given this year, based on their Recommendability Rating. The UpCity Recommendability Rating was created to assess the legitimacy and reliability of a B2B service provider, providing UpCity with the assurance to endorse them to companies […]

The Qualities of a Great Training Video

Training or lecture videos are great instructional content that is very helpful for visual learners. But, how do you make a good training video that not only provides knowledge but is also engaging to its viewer? If you are planning a training video production in Austin and need quick guidance, we’ve listed down some of […]