Business Video Production: Why Do Startup Businesses Need Videos?

In the past few years, the digital realm has undergone a significant transformation as many people began dropping their desktop computers and laptops in exchange for the convenience of using smartphones and tablets. This sudden shift in the digital landscape made business Los Angeles video production companies develop new strategies to adapt to the change.

While a lot of companies consider videos as a vital aspect to achieve successful marketing, some newly established organizations don’t fully realize the powerful benefits videos can offer. If you recently launched a new business and are currently struggling with marketing, here are some good reasons why you should start using videos for your business:

Video Improves Organic Traffic & Conversions

Did you know? Businesses that use videos for marketing experience over 40% more organic traffic than businesses that don’t utilize video marketing. Aside from bringing traffic, videos also help when it comes to converting your website visitors into customers.

In addition, websites that run videos on landing pages witness 80% more conversions than websites that use videos on their home pages. These statistics prove that video content remains to be one of the most powerful tools when it comes to spreading brand awareness and promoting products online.

Video Promotes Greater Memory Retention

According to various studies, when people consume information through videos, they are said to retain almost 95% of it. This is by far higher than consuming information through text, which is believed to only allow people to retain 10% of the information they acquired through reading. Therefore, if you want your target audience to remember your brand, using videos is a surefire way of achieving that objective.

Some of the most effective marketing videos that people easily remember are the following:

  • Product Demonstration Videos
  • Testimonials
  • Instructional Content
  • Explainer Videos

A Video Never Loses Its Value 

Due to its built-in value, viral nature, and easy accessibility, a video will never go out of stylein the global market. Video marketing is undoubtedly the ideal and preferred way to approach content marketing today. With the use of business video production, producing content that can create a lasting impact on your target audience is highly achievable. And if you think you need professional help to start everything right, you always have the option to hire a team of video production experts to ensure the overall quality of your videos once you distribute them to your respective market.

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