Brandefy Takes Center Stage in Newest B2B Platform Top Design Firms

As traders of impactful visual experiences, Brandefy is constantly on the lookout for the latest breakthroughs in any industry. What can we say? It helps us keep our edge!

The latest development we’re excited about is the freshly launched B2B website, Top Design Firms in which our award-winning services have been recognized!

We are thrilled to be named a top firm amongst the Clutch community! We take great pride in providing the best possible work and service to our clients and it’s great validation to see our hard work paying off.

— Marton Varo, CEO & Executive Producer at Brandefy

The B2B space is in a state of constant expansion, with more and more players entering the field to either provide or pay for highly technical services. Top Design Firms (TDF) helps stakeholders connect in a crowded marketplace by blowing the horns on top-rated design, development, and marketing agencies. In this regard, TDF follows through on the efforts of its predecessor, Clutch, which is a B2B ratings and reviews platform.

We identify with TDF’s objectives, as we ourselves have brought numerous clients to the spotlight by amplifying their brand and presenting their stories in an artful medium.

Years of successful engagements, along with a 22 5-star rating streak on Clutch, have proven our expertise in:

Our clients can also attest to our high-end services:

Easy, respectful and stayed within the timeline we requested. I would work over and over with Marton and the team at Brandefy. I love their work.

— Director of Sales & Marketing, Vintage IT Services


At first, I was apprehensive about the approach Brandefy was taking, but I ended up loving it.

They truly caught the essence of who we are and what we do.

— Chief Scientific Officer, Live Pet, LLC


Brandefy is eager to see more of TDF’s contributions in the worldwide B2B network!

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