Brandefy: From the Ground Up

We like to tell stories here at Brandefy. Recently, our CEO Marton Varo had the opportunity to sit down with Chicago-based B2B marketplace UpCity to discuss in vivid detail the story of how Brandefy has leveraged the growing prevalence of video in marketing to grow our company, how our clients are shifting marketing budgets towards digital marketing, and how we’ve overcome the two-sided challenge we face in growing our brand.

Telling the Story Our Clients Need to Tell

Companies are starting to embrace video marketing as a powerful component of modern marketing campaigns, and it’s a trend that we’ve capitalized on at Brandefy. In order to help our clients meet their marketing goals, we must understand the type of video content they are asking us to create.

“Everyone is familiar with consuming video, but not many people are familiar with how to create it. We start all our projects with a creative brief that […] will ultimately drive the direction of the video, so it’s essential that we understand the client’s goals. Are they launching a new product and want visibility? Are they trying to convert visitors? All these things can affect what we decide to do. It also helps us to begin the relationship on the right foot with every client.”

When Was The Last Time You Watched a TV Commercial?

Clients in the past would hire Brandefy to create commercials for traditional media outlets. In the last few years, we’ve seen a significant shift in the types of content on which our clients are spending their advertising budgets.

“[N]ow brands want to build a YouTube presence, they want a video that will go viral on social, they need explainer videos for their website, products and services. Instead of doing one TV commercial, they’ll do a series of web videos, or they’ll make multiple versions of a video so they can A/B test and try on different platforms to achieve the best performance. I think people are just realizing that digital is a better bang for your buck than traditional media these days.”

Balancing Talent Acquisition Against Marketing Investments

While we’ve effectively grown our brand over the last few years, the two primary challenges we’ve faced are the same as those facing other companies across the industry: hiring the right talent and using data to determine the most effective marketing outlets to grow our own business. Hiring those aligned with our vision handles the first challenge fairly effectively. When it comes to marketing investment, however, we’ve found that we’ve had better results from organic channels than we have from any ads we’ve run.

“People make buying decisions based on those five stars and when you have a solid reputation, organic can be a hugely effective channel. A lot of our clients find us in a search and then read our reviews and after having an initial conversation we can seal the deal.”

As an award-winning filmmaker, Marton Varo’s unique vision is driven by his experiences and successes in storytelling and screenwriting, and his leadership has landed Brandefy on UpCity’s list of top video production companies in the United States. Read more of Marton’s story about Brandefy’s growth and success here.

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