Brandefy Featured among Top 3D Animators in the United States by

Brandefy is proud to announce that we have been ranked as one of the “Top 3D Animators in the United States” by

Wimgo is a team of committed professionals who use proprietary methods to analyze thousands of service providers and systematically screen and rank them based on the following factors:

  • Reputation
  • Expertise
  • Service Quality
  • Consistency
  • Customer Service

By doing so, it lets businesses identify the right service providers to pick, who are likely to produce the highest quality results. To date, Wimgo has helped build over a million connections with reputable service providers, providing businesses with a more reliable and positive experience.

The team at Wimgo also provides interesting and helpful insights to various individuals that are seeking to hire quality service providers for their respective companies. They track new developments and innovations that include recommendations, strategies, and methods to help businesses choose a service provider that provides better quality performance.

Being given the opportunity to be recognized as one of the top 3D Animators in the United States, Brandefy continues to live up to its mission. Our team follows an innovative approach to each of our clients’ projects, regardless of the scale or constraint of their budget. By allowing our customers to have direct involvement in the entire process, we’ve made it possible to narrow the gap between high-quality and cost-effective 3D animation services.

We are extremely proud to have been included in the list of Wimgo’s “Top 3D Animators in the United States.” This proves that our goal to provide world-class video production services has been realized through our works. This achievement is directly connected to the nature of our company, which is predominantly driven by authenticity, reliability, and the desire to provide our consumers with top-notch video production and animation services regardless of their background.

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