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Here at Brandefy, we take a story-first approach. We’re an award-winning, full-service Los Angeles video production company, where our focus is creating TV and video campaigns that are driven by well-told stories.

So, what sets Brandefy apart from competitors? Firstly, we approach every client’s story as we would a narrative film project — we believe taking a cinematic approach allows us to produce unparalleled content for our clients. With services including TV commercial and web video production, as well as strategy and consulting, we offer the highest quality work possible within your budget. Our experienced team will guide you through the entire process, from development to distribution.

What else differentiates Brandefy? The Manifest, a business data platform that showcases top companies, deems us the best video production company in Los Angeles! On a list of more than 25 leading firms, we’re ranked #1.

We’ve also received high praise on The Manifest’s partner site Clutch, an Inc. 500-ranked platform that connects global service providers with buyers through data-driven content and client reviews. We just partnered with Clutch and have already collected 6 reviews — and an overall 5-star rating!

One of our reviews came from Dog and King LLC, a production company. They hired us to lead a video shoot at a remote location. We set up the shoot, which included complex lighting and sound challenges, and shot two subjects over an eight-hour period.

Here’s what Dog and King’s CEO & founder had to say about our work:

“The footage fit like a glove and increased production quality.”

The client also praised our project management process, deeming it ‘collaborative, professional and reliable.’ They appreciated that we delivered exactly what we’d discussed, proving we were a reliable partner. We offered flexible scheduling and affordable costs.

An aviation manufacturer based out of California left another glowing review for us. They had needed three separate videos that they could put into a loop and use for tradeshows and other marketing purposes. When they vetted vendors, our ‘attitude, résumé, and willingness to help’ made us stand out.

We shot two of the three videos on site. After reviewing the shoot location, we provided recommendations on exactly when and where to film. Then, we brought in a professional team and recorded the two videos in one day. The third video had already been recorded, and we edited that one to fit the client’s needs.

The videos have garnered positive feedback from the manufacturer’s customers and others who have seen them. The client noted how effective our workflow was, especially since we provided same-day responses and executed quick turnarounds in delivering results. They also commended our detail-oriented and professional team that was committed to having their message understood.

If you’re ready to discuss a potential project, reach out today! We’re eager to hear your story.

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