Biggest Reasons You Should Invest in Creating an Explainer Video With One of The Top Los Angeles Video Production Companies

Contrary to its name, an explainer video does more than simply explain the nitty-gritty details of a product. Here are a few more reasons you may need to create a killer explainer video for your products with one of the best Los Angeles video production companies out there:

Better Conversion Rate

Have you ever wondered about what truly made the product you’re using as spectacular as it is? Chances are you’ve watched an explainer video or two to get some answers. The same goes for your potential clients — oftentimes, they’re put in a situation wherein they already have thoughts on availing one of your products and services. They’re just simply looking for affirmations that they’re about to make the right decision. Have an explainer video ready to go and you’ll see your conversion rates increase by up to 20%.

Educating Through Entertainment

When you give your viewers the option to choose between watching an explainer video and reading a user manual, the decision easily becomes a no-brainer for them. They’ll most certainly choose to view the video, as it’s more effective in holding onto their attention and helping retain the educational material. Plus, it’s a much welcome bonus that it’s easier for our brains to process moving images in contrast to simple text.

Multipurpose Investment

Explainer videos are flexible — they’re not meant to be limited to just one platform. In reality, consider them one of your key investments and use them whenever necessary. For instance, you may upload it on YouTube and potentially allow its algorithm to recommend it to other users. You may also place it on your website’s home page to act as an introductory video for one of your latest products. In some scenarios, it may be just the video you need to present your products to first-time business partners or customers — add it to your sales pitch as a visual aide.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Rank Booster

By including videos on your website, you’re continuously providing your viewers with a reason to stay on it for much longer. Google and other major search engines will recognize this and as a result, provide you with the incentive of increasing your rank on its Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). This, in turn, makes it easier for more potential clients to discover your company and continue the cycle.

Want to create an explainer video for your product to gain these benefits and more? You may want to contact one of the Los Angeles video production companies near you and get started!

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