Austin Video Production: The Essential Components of Whiteboard Explainer Videos

A whiteboard explainer video is one of the most popular tools in online marketing. It is a one-minute video discussing your company’s products and services. In a short amount of time, people can quickly get the information they need about your offerings without losing interest in watching the whole video. Austin video production companies believe that an explainer is a captivating type of video that makes people interested in the script, voiceover, call-to-action, and visuals.

Planning to try it for your business? Here are some important points to consider:

  • While driven by mesmerizing visuals, the script is at the center of a great explainer video. It is important to remember that when writing a script for an explainer, the audience should be the primary focus, not the company’s product or service. Your explainer video must tackle the problems the viewers face and illustrate how or why your product or service is a good solution. With an excellent script, you will immediately draw your audience’s attention and acquire a positive action from them. Keep in mind that people don’t pay much attention to things they would never benefit from in the digital age. That is why it is also a great move to insert the benefits they will get when they buy or avail of the products or services you offer.
  • Using simple and easy-to-understand words is wise when creating a whiteboard explainer video. Not all people use or understand the technical terms, so make it as simple as possible. In that sense, you will attract more customers when you stick to the basics.
  • This is a no-brainer. An explainer video would be lifeless if it were just full animation and text. That is why a voiceover is highly needed. A good voiceover sets the whole mood and pace of the video and keeps the viewers’ attention. In addition, a voiceover should also be auditorily precise so viewers won’t lose interest when watching the video. The voiceover delivery of your CTA or call to action should also be given great importance in order to encourage your customers to take action after watching the video.

Whiteboard explainer videos are a great tool to advertise your products and services. With the help of a team of great professionals from Austin video production companies, you can create an explainer video that delivers results.

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