Are TV Ads Still Relevant in Modern Video Production?

It’s difficult to match the many benefits of TV ads in terms of experience and popularity. Not to mention, there’s no other kind of advertising medium that blends audio and visuals in such a powerful way as videos can. However, television ads have drawbacks as well, one of which is the cost. Television commercials are both costly to make and to air.

Here are several video production tips to consider when producing a TV ad:

  1. People’s attention span is continuously decreasing, making it difficult to get viewers to see your ad unless you can disrupt the norm for them. Make something that seems to be repetitive and then deviate from the trend. And the more jarring that abrupt change is, the more effective it will be for your ad to catch people’s attention.
  1. Consider whether you will truly like the ad. Companies often get entrenched in a cumbersome structure in which everyone must accept every single detail, stifling creativity. This is why you have to make sure that your ad is entertaining, informative, and important to your target audience.
  1. We are now inundated with never-ending media that continues to unravel endlessly. We’ve become accustomed to redundant messages and lengthy plots to the point that we’ll tune out after a few seconds. That said, you must automatically catch the audience’s interest and then maintain it for the duration of the commercial.
  1. As mentioned earlier, today’s audiences have extremely short attention spans, and often consumers ignore traditional advertising and television ads. But if you can find an effective way to pull your viewers away from their smartphones, then TV can also be a strong medium. To do so, you must go beyond the traditional ad format and share a story. Try to use the most popular Super Bowl commercials as a reference.
  1. To make a positive impression on mainstream audiences, you must find a way to make your brand message stand out. Take note that since modern viewers are into social media, video gaming, and big-budget films, they are more attracted to high-quality visuals rather than to boring information presented in a typical ad format. Try to explore videos on YouTube to find inspiration.

In conclusion, no matter how fast the world is changing, TV advertisements will always remain relevant in video production.

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