Animated Video Production Guide: Are Animated Videos a Good Alternative to Live-Action Videos?

When it comes to information consumption, internet users do not appreciate being overwhelmed. Giving consumers something quick and simple to consume is a good tactic for increasing engagement and dissemination of your content. Difficult concepts can now be simplified through animation. So, if you’re seeking to convey your brand message to your customers more effectively, animation can help.


By far, the most significant advantage of employing animation for video marketing is its low cost. When creating animated videos, there is no need to scout for venues, make props, or arrange filming and production. Simply look for a video production company that meets your requirements and then talk them through the idea you have in mind.


With the numerous advantages of animated video marketing, here are the top animated video marketing trends this year that you should learn about.


  • As previously said, animation can help simplify complex ideas for easier information absorption. For example, “Hand-drawing” is used in whiteboard animation videos to demonstrate operations or construct stories. It features a step-by-step concept that systematically explains the topics. It is typically used for brand advertising and product marketing. It is also less expensive to make than 3D videos.


  • When it comes to animated advertising, 3D animated videos are often the go-to option. Along with 2D animated videos, it may be a cost-effective form of promotion. They are both strategies that increase consumer involvement and loyalty by igniting emotions and strengthening ties between customers and businesses. You can utilize 2D and 3D animations for social media advertising, product demos, and even landing pages on your business website.


  • Animated explainers are becoming more and more popular among businesses that prefer a straightforward way of delivering their message to their viewers. Animated explainer videos are typically one to two minutes in length – the concepts that marketers want to communicate to their audience are properly conveyed within that time frame.


  • Mixing live-motion videos with animated characters or placing real people in an animated scene adds excitement and intrigue to a video. This allows brands to come up with more inventive video marketing concepts that they can use to promote their business distinctively and stand out from the competition.


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