A Short Guide on Live Video Marketing During A Pandemic

In the past few months, COVID-19 has caused drastic changes in everybody’s lives. People are self-quarantining and staying at home in order to protect themselves from the virus. Thankfully, with the help of the Internet, people can at least explore the online world, as they are spendinig more time on the internet. With this in mind, businesses should consider realigning the bulk of their marketing efforts online as recommended by various video marketing experts.

One of the best ways to do this is by producing effective video content. Video advertising is not a new thing — it is one way to engage and build brand awareness to drive qualified leads and acquire new customers.

Among the various forms of video advertising, consider doing live streaming for your business. Many content creators, gamers, churches and other companies utilize live streaming to engage with their customers and followers. You have to consider doing live streaming because it:

  • provides an instant and easy way to communicate with customers,
  • shows authenticity,
  • helps you get to know your customers in a personal setting,
  • markets your products and services,
  • increases revenue; and
  • helps you get useful feedback.

The following live video marketing tips can help you get started:

#1 Plan Your Livestream

Even if live streaming should come out natural and spontaneous, you should still outline what to do and what to say during the streaming. Identify who will be on it and when to broadcast it. As much as possible, avoid embarrassing mistakes and dead air. Successful live streams can boost customer engagement, which then encourages the purchase of your products and services.

#2 Show authenticity and inclusivity

Authenticity cannot be delivered as well through written posts such as articles and blog write-ups about your products and services. It cannot be shown to its full potential with podcasts either. With a live stream, your customers hear and see what you say and do in real-time. You can project this authenticity through behind-the-scenes footage, product demonstrations, team member introductions, giveaways, and Q&A sessions. Seeing these will help customers get an inside glimpse of your business, which makes them feel as if they are part of the experience.

#3 Use the right tools and equipment

Most viewers consider video quality as an essential factor when watching live broadcasts. Long buffer times, failure to load, and other audio-visual malfunctions become frustrating for customers. As a rule of thumb in video marketing, you can avoid these by preparing the right tools for the job. Your internet connection should also be in its best condition to prevent lagging or long loading times, both sure-fire ways to get an audience to tune out. Of course, make sure that the place is quiet enough to avoid background noise while you broadcast. You must sufficiently look and sound clear so that your viewers will understand your message effectively.

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