A Selection of HR Videos For Corporate Companies

The human resources department is one of the backbones of all companies. Their tasks range from finding and retaining talents, welcoming new employees, keeping them safe and well-informed, and recognizing their achievements. Video is also one of the most helpful tools in keeping HR engaged with the company and its people. In this blog, top production companies in LA list down a selection of some of the best HR videos you should create for your brand.

Recruitment Video

This is a pretty standard type of content in HR. Since baby boomers are on their way to reaching retirement age, you’d want to attract the younger and more techie generation of the workforce. In fact, recruitment agencies report “800% more engagement with job ads that have a video embedded,” making high-quality recruitment videos a must.

Orientation and Onboarding Videos

Thick orientation manuals are out, and engaging orientation videos are in. When you’ve found the right talent, you’d want them to stay engaged with your onboarding process. The standard manual may contain all sorts of information they may follow, but a series of comprehensive videos will serve new employees better as it’s more interesting over a piece of white paper with black prints.

Training Videos

There is no substitute for in-person training, but a video is a good way to enhance and supplement it. Also, live training is not only cumbersome, but it can also be expensive. Using video is a good way to reduce the cost. Additionally, around 65% of people are visual learners, so knowledge retention is significantly higher than with training relying mainly on text.

Special Messages

This is a great tool to mark different milestones and achievements in the company. A good example is a retirement video. Special messages videos with employees appearing on camera and sharing their thoughts about their work experience help honor their contributions to the company. Through it, you can maintain good relationships in the company and a good sense of community.

These are just a few of the many video content that the HR department can utilize in order to serve the company and its employees better. If you’re ready to get started in creating any of these videos and more, employ the help of top production companies in LA such as Brandefy today.

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