A Guide to an Effective Video CTA for Product Videographers

For businesses these days, video marketing is considered a highly successful (and necessary) tool for advertising products and services. This is the reason why a lot of them enlist the help of a product videographer who can help create a powerful call-to-action that can successfully influence and convince their target consumers.

CTAs help in converting viewers into paying customers. This is specifically advantageous for various small businesses that are still in the process of building their brand. That said, being able to create a CTA that can make a good impression is crucial to obtaining a successful video.

Here is a guide to help you make your video CTA:

You should limit your CTA to avoid confusing your audience 

This is a common mistake done by many brands. They often include a video CTA that leads them to the website’s homepage. This is generally not useful for some audiences who are looking for particular pages. The CTA must be specific, and it must give a hint as to where the link or CTA will lead them to.

Your CTA must always be in relation to the goal of your video content

You need to know the purpose of your video marketing content so that you can tie it together with your video’s CTA. You don’t want to send your audience in circles. For example, if you are promoting a certain product, the CTA must focus on convincing the viewers to buy it and not to make them watch another video. You want to be straight to the point, otherwise, you’ll lose their interest.

You need to place your CTA at the start of the video 

Because there are so many video advertisements, there’s a lot of competition in capturing your audience’s attention. That’s why it is essential that you place your CTA at the beginning. Most viewers’ attention span only lasts for a few minutes so it is better to let them know what you are advertising from the get-go.

You need to make the CTA brief and concise 

CTAs are more effective if they are brief and concise, as audiences will remember it more easily. It is also important to make it impactful and it must clearly state the goal of your video content. Don’t let your CTA drag on too much and remove those that are unnecessary.

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