A Brief Summary of Unskippable Ad Creation From The Top Production Companies in Los Angeles

No matter how funny this may sound, more and more people have been honing their “skip ad” skills while watching videos on YouTube. As soon as the skip option becomes available after five seconds, they immediately press the button as fast as they can. For the typical viewer, skipping an ad faster than the speed of light may be a fun accomplishment; for advertisers, however, it’s bad news.

Video ad formats like YouTube TrueView ads have caused a significant dilemma for advertisers and video marketers. While they may have removed the conventional 30-second time limit for ads to run on the platform,  adding a “skip” button after five short seconds makes everything a lot tougher. Even the top production companies in Los Angeles find this system more challenging than ever before.

So the million-dollar question is, how can you beat this new process?

To help you find the right approach, we’ve gathered a few tips from various sources to come up with a brief summary of what you need to know when you attempt to distribute ads on YouTube.

Brand Placement Matters 

According to a study from Google, “When ads on YouTube include the brand early on—through a logo or an audible brand mention—there’s an inverse relationship between recall and engagement. While ads with the brand in the first five seconds have higher ad recall and brand awareness lift, people are also more likely to skip them.”

In other words, this brand placement study suggests that you have to be careful and strategic when it comes to introducing your brand to viewers. Not to mention, a lot of people get annoyed by the disturbance caused by ads whenever they’re watching a YouTube video.

Drive Viewer Curiosity 

There is no perfect formula for an unskippable ad, but convincing people to satisfy their curiosity is quite easy to pull off. In the first five seconds, you have to bring out the big guns and make the viewers curious about what will happen next in your video ad. This is the best way to prevent them from hitting the skip button or delay them at the very least.

Establish Emotional Connection 

Is a five-second runtime enough to establish an emotional connection? If you’re a tenderfoot video marketer, then it’s not. This is why a lot of business owners that show interest in advertising on YouTube seek the help of top production companies in Los Angeles to ensure that they will be able to connect with targeted audiences in a span of five seconds.

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