A Beginner’s Guide to Video Production Equipment

If you are planning to be a part of the video production business or you want to work with a video production company to create your videos, you should familiarize yourself with some of the basic equipment used when creating a video.

  1. Camera

First and foremost, this is probably the most obvious and most important piece of equipment. A camera is the centerpiece of your gear because, without it, there wouldn’t be any production at all. You should also do your research and look for the type of camera that you want and that best suits your needs — ie, full-frame vs mirror-less, DSLR vs cinema, etc.

  1. Lenses 

Camera angles or shots help in creating your video and making it impressive. You need to have the right lenses in order to get close-up shots, wide-angle shots, or long shots.  You can also use walkaround lenses when it comes to shooting a majority of scenes.

  1. Tripod 

When it comes to filming, you need to have stabilization. You want your photos and videos to look professional. If you don’t use tripods or any equipment for stabilization, the end result would be unappealing, unsteady, blurry, and might even be difficult to see. That’s why you should get a tripod for smoother-looking shots or pans.

  1. Lighting

Lighting will always play a vital part in any production. Lighting, amongst other things, will make all the difference between a “professional” or “amateur” production.. Furthermore, different types of lighting will also help with setting the mood and tone of the scenes or shots. You need to make your subjects look visible and to make sure that the lighting won’t create bright glares or harsh shadows.

  1. Production or Editing Software

This is another key necessity, especially when it comes to the post-production phase. You will need to have the editing skills necessary to make a successful video project. It doesn’t mean that you need to be a master editor and as a beginner, having basic editing skills is enough. Through experience, you’ll learn the ropes and get better at it.

  1. Microphone 

Your video doesn’t just have to be visually appealing, it also needs to have great quality audio. You can use shotgun microphones, which are convenient for most scenes or situations. You need to create a video that is pleasing to both the eyes and the ears.

By going through this list, you’ll be able to start your career in video production, if not professionally, at least to the extent where you incorporate it into your everyday business marketing strategy. It will also help you understand how the process works, so if ever you want to create a video or ask someone to create one, you’ll know the equipment needed to make it work.

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