6 Tips To Help Create E-Commerce Marketing Videos Through Corporate Video Production In Los Angeles

E-Commerce companies are growing. Their marketing strategies are expanding to include corporate video production in Los Angeles. In fact, there are so many reasons to use video marketing to promote your business. With that, here are a few tips to help you create videos for e-commerce clients.

  1. Keep it short. Most users prefer bite-sized information to be delivered to them. Try crafting videos that allow users to seamlessly transition from one to another in one quick swipe. When you’re placing the video on an e-commerce website, avoid having filler introductions and concluding sentences. Your potential customers already know what brand they’re viewing.
  2. Act natural. Your viewers can tell if you’re acting too hard to please them. Stay relaxed and don’t force anything. Highlight your product’s features in an environment where it’s most likely to be found. If you can, present it from the point of view of previous clients who have used it. This will add a more welcome human touch.
  3. Be informational. When selling a product, list down as many of its physical specifications as possible. If you’re promoting a service, showcase its uniqueness and the advantages it may offer the user. Does the product complement other tools they may have? Will the service you’re promoting work efficiently with business processes in a certain industry?
  4. Plan for mute videos. Take into consideration that a growing number of customers don’t unmute videos. To remedy this, you can either add subtitles or make sure that your actor’s interactions with the product in the video are presented as clearly as possible.
  5. Follow ad requirements. Different social media platforms have varying ad requirements. For example, Facebook and Instagram have different video ratios. Facebook supports 16:9 (full landscape), 9:16 (full portrait), and 2:3 (news feed ratio) video aspects. On the other hand, Instagram only wants you to focus on one ratio only, the square 1:1. With this, you can either film separate videos or carefully plan them out so that you can crop the 9:16 to fit the 1:1.
  6. Engage your viewers with a call to action. You can ask them to click on a button that adds a product to their cart, sign up for newsletters centered around their recommendations, or to use a promo code to avail of a discount. Provide your potential customers with access to your products when they’re most interested.

As an E-commerce company, it can’t hurt to explore new ways to market your products. Working with corporate video production in Los Angeles may just give you the strategic marketing edge you’re looking for.

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