6 Different Types E-commerce Video Production

Businesses benefit from high-quality eCommerce videos because they help them present their items in the best light possible. They allow you to showcase your brand, highlight essential features, and demonstrate how your product differentiates itself from the competition. Effective E-commerce video marketing methods increase sales, increase customer loyalty, and increase brand exposure.

At Brandefy, we’ve spent years collaborating with E-commerce brands to create conversion-focused digital content. For more information about our eCommerce video production solutions, please feel free to contact us.

What is E-commerce Video Production?

E-commerce video production comprises a diverse range of marketing videos created to promote E-commerce businesses and their products. These videos help businesses increase conversions, grow their audience, and compete in a crowded online market.

E-commerce videos emphasize product characteristics, demonstrate how things are utilized, and illustrate the benefits offered by your products. Online shops may significantly enhance sales revenue and marketing ROI by utilizing effective E-commerce video production services.

Types of E-commerce Video Production

The following are some examples of eCommerce videos that may be used by businesses at various stages of the marketing funnel.

  1. Explainer Videos: Explainer videos demonstrate how to utilize your product, what purpose it serves, and what problems it addresses.
  2. Influencer Videos: Influencer marketing videos engage online audiences by marketing your products through the use of popular influencers.
  3. Unboxing Videos: With the help of these videos, you can show customers precisely how they will receive and assemble the products they have purchased.
  4. Product-in-Use Videos: These videos demonstrate how to utilize a particular product in great detail.
  5. Testimonial Videos: Testimonial videos pique the interest of potential clients by highlighting positive testimonials from actual satisfied customers.
  6. Commercials: Commercials take a more broad approach to introducing your brand and product to new viewers in order to increase brand awareness.

When to Use Video?

Video can be utilized at multiple points along the marketing funnel to entice clients to proceed towards the next stage of the customer journey. Commercials are ideal for generating brand awareness in the early stages of marketing, while unboxing and explainer videos work best on product sites to entice customers to buy. Influencer and testimonial videos are excellent social media marketing tactics that can aid in the development of trust and also assist attract new clients.

Work With Brandefy

Brandefy has considerable experience collaborating with online merchants to create efficient eCommerce films that can be integrated into their digital marketing strategy. Our creative team will collaborate closely with you to ascertain your brand’s voice and generate video material that positively portrays your items.

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